How to Fake It: Summer Glow

The April showers have passed and the May flowers are beginning to bloom, so its time to start working on that tan right? Well, its not quite warm enough for long afternoons at the beach plus we all know that baking our skin leads to bad things. So why not try these out, bet no one will know its fake!

Victoria’s Secret’s Beach Sexy line is awesome for a glowing tan. The self tan and instant tint is great for day to night, use it on your arms and chest for a subtle tan and shimmer.

The adjustable self tan is your everyday fix for arms and legs. One side is filled with shimmer lotion and  the other is filled with self tanner, so you can pick how  much of each you want.

For a sexier bolder tan dust on the bronzer. It is VERY shimmery, but once its evened out you’ll look like you just got back from Tahiti.

For everyday makeup my favorites are Covergirl’s bronzer for an all over glow and Maybelline’s Dream Mousse bronzer for cheeks.


2 thoughts on “How to Fake It: Summer Glow

  1. hi i have a question i looked all over my victoria’s secret store and the website but i coudnt find the custom self tanner and the tan dust powder? can you please tell me where you got them and if you got it on a website can you please put a link for it thank you

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