My Favorite Salsa

This is usually my summer staple for company as it goes great with beer and margaritas, but its just as delish in the winter! This salsa is almost impossible to mess up and is ready in just about 10 minutes.  The staples for this recipe are tomatoes, onion, corn and black beans, but if I have other tasty things in my produce basket I throw them in as well. This time the special guest was green peppers, jalapenos or any color pepper or chili would make a nice addition too.

I used six roma tomatoes and about half and onion. Chop them to your desired size. I like my salsa chunkier but you can mince it finely as well.

I had some green peppers (bought on sale 3 for 75 cents, how can you pass that up ?!?!) so I threw in about one and half of them as well.

Dump in a can of black beans and a can of corn, both drained. Add garlic and salt to taste. I had minced garlic on hand so I used that but garlic powder works just fine too.

Mix together and Ole! Dig in!


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