Apartment Wish List

I’ve been in my new apartment for almost two months now and am loving it. There is still a lot I want to do, but with my budget and schedule most of it won’t happen for a while. Pictures to come soon, I just need a nice sunny day to take photos. Spring please come soon! Here is just a few things I would love to have in my apartment, most of which I cannot afford, but someday.

West Elm

I would love a pendant like this one over my bed. This one is from West Elm and is on special today for $103! Not exactly a college girl price, but hey I can dream.


This print from Jen Ramos is adorable and so fitting! I want it for my kitchen. Ramos is one of my favorite bloggers you can find this print and her blog at her website,MadeByGirl.

Apartment Therapy

I can’t wait for spring and fresh flowers. My mom has tons of peonies in her yard and I’ll bring some back to my apartment when they bloom around June.


I currently have a four cup coffee maker. The small size if great for my small kitchen and I love it because it was a graduation gift from my good friend Kate, but lately I’ve been filling it two, sometimes three times a day. I think it’s time for a big girl coffee maker. And this one is so cheery in hot pink. You can find it on amazon.com


I always drool over these Zak Designs bowls in Younkers and now they have them at Target too! The universe (retail world) wants me to have them!

West Elm

I saved the best for last. I would sell my soul for one of these West Elm floor poufs. I love them! I think my friends would really appreciate them too seeing as I have a love seat and a couch and more than two friends. Someday I will own a $250 floor pillow, that will be the day!


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