Open House: Bedroom Tour

As promised, here’s the first part of my new apartment tour. It won’t take to long seeing as my home is a whopping 530 square feet, but I love it.

My bed is perfect to sink into after a long day of class and work. I drew the line at nine pillows, I decided that was plenty especially considering I only sleep on one. The white euro pillows in the back were a DIY project last fall. I bought inserts and made covers for them out of a white sheet. It was much cheaper than purchasing them already made. The throw pillows are all from Target.  I purchased the bedding set a few years ago when Target had their Liberty of London collaboration. I miss that one.

And yes, that is a dying plant in the corner. It was a fabulous palm. I am hoping it comes back to life soon.

The arrangement above my bed was of course inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s bedroom makeover in the first SATC movie.

This is my makeshift vanity area. At my parent’s house I had a fantastic antique vanity, but it didn’t really go with the rest of my things so I popped on over to Target like always and found these stack-able itso cubes.  The shelves are movable and there are a variety of bins in different shapes and sizes which is great for organisation.

This desk was a pretty cheap find at Bed Bath & Beyond for around $60. There was originally a hutch that I removed and now use for shoe storage in my closet. I try to re-purpose things for organization. My pencil holder is an old candle jar and the boxes behind my laptop are CD holders.

For years I have been plastering my walls with pages from magazines. When I moved to this apartment I decided I was finally too old for that, but about two weeks in I really missed it. This is my attempt at a more sophisticated version. It’s simply string tacked to the wall with paper clips to hold things up.


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