Open House: My Little Kitchen

I live in an apartment complex with two buildings. All of the apartments in one of the buildings have updated kitchens, I live in the other building. But I make due and actually really like my dated kitchen. I really want to put colorful knobs on the cupboards, but I don’t think my landlord would be too pumped about me drilling holes in them.

My Stove is teeny and a bit vintage. I lovingly refer to it as my easy bake oven.

My fridge is also very petite, but it is just right for me and it is new! I taped pictures from my trip to Spain on the door to add a little color. My canisters were a DIY that you can find here and the jar holding the brown sugar used to have a candle in it.

What? Is that another mini appliance? I think it is! There’s a little bit of a theme to my kitchen I guess. I really like the two levels of the counter. It makes a great place to stash bread and chips!


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