Cosmetic Confidential

After nearly a decade wearing makeup I think I have finally found a regime I really like. I’ve been using each of these products for a while now and they are working quite well for me.

1. Clinique Perfectly Real Compact This is great for everyday use when my skin is clear, if I am having a break out I usually use liquid foundation.

2. I get so many compliments on my sparkly cheeks when I wear Maybelline’s  Dream Matte Mouse. It is now discontinued, but I am hoping that their new Dream Bouncy Blush will make a good replacement.

3. Ulta and Beauty Rush are by far the best eye shadows I have ever used. They are both under $10 and last pretty much all day. I’ve been following the steps on this tutorial for a few months now and its great! I use Beauty Rush in Gold Rush for the base, Ulta in Toast for the crease and Ulta in Gold Dust for the liner.

4. The green and pink tube has found a home in my makeup bag pretty much since the day I started wearing makeup and I adore their new Lots of Lashes mascara.

5. Baby Lips. Best tinted lip balm. EVER. My favorite shades are Peach Kiss and Cherry Me.


What are your favorite products for everyday?


One thought on “Cosmetic Confidential

  1. My Everyday makeup for a fourteen year old suffering acne consists of dream pure bb cream from maybelline (been using with the neutrogena acne therapy system. Both have been clearing my skin. Also is cheap and gives decent coverage and keeps me not oily) maybelline pumped up mascara in waterproof brown (or any of their mascaras really…. Maybelline makes the BEST mascaras) and maybelline baby lips in quenched (my fave) or in peppermint (both have SPF 20!). I used to be a hardcore cake face but using three products ex entrusted my beauty, hilights my features, and has been helping my skin 🙂 makes me feel more confident and takes 5 min to apply

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