Spring Cleaning

When the bin that used to hold my nail polish started to fall apart I decided it was time to reorganize. I started by going through all my makeup and nail polish and getting rid of everything that was old, a multiple (I had two of the exact same color of teal nail polish) or I didn’t use anymore.I threw away over 20 items!! Which is a big deal for me, I never get rid of anything.

After I threw out all my old make-up I didn’t need the tray in front so I used it for nail polish. I moved all my mani tools to the bathroom and organized my polish by color in the trays.

I moved my brushes from the makeup organizer to a jar so everything would fit. I parted with a ton of eye shadow that I never wear. I kept all my neutrals and the shimmers I wear everyday. I narrowed all my freebie pallets down to two (not an easy feat, I had almost 10!)

Along with makeup brushes, my powders, mirror and pencil sharpener live in this adorable jar, which used to hold a candle. You’ll never guess where it’s from….Wal-Mart! Only $5.



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