A Protected Summer: Hats

I have decided that I will not get tan this summer. Yep, no hours laying out on the beach with a measly layer of SPF 15 followed by a week of nursing a burn with chilled lotion(I keep it in the fridge for this purpose) and aloe vera. I have been thinking about it for a few months and after reading Lauren Conrad’s interview in the latest issue of Glamour, I decided I was going to do it. Lauren said, “I wore a muumuu and a giant hat,” on a recent vacation. And if Lauren does it then, I do it!

But the exciting part of this (other than protecting my skin from premature aging and cancer) is that it means a new hat and beauty products! The tricky part is going to be finding one that will fit my large head…here’s a few of my favs

1. American Eagle $20

2. American Eagle $20

3. Kate Spade $78

4. Kate Spade $78

5. Jessica Simpson $38

6. Gap $35

Check back soon for more sun protection fun!


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