Open House: Closet

One of the biggest perks of my apartment is the walk-in closet! I grew up in an old house with a small closet, then moved to a dorm with a smaller closet, so this is a huge upgrade for me! I spend almost four hours reorganizing it this weekend, so I decided it was finally time to share it!

Clear plastic bins work well for things I don’t use everyday. One of them hold seasonal clothes and the other holds totes I don’t use regularly, it is nice to be able to see what’s in them so I don’t forget what I have. All the clothes I don’t hang (mostly tees and sweats) live on this wire shelf from Target. It’s not the most attractive storage unit, but it was cheap($15) and it can be reconfigured and easily moved. The top holds all of my unmentionables in cute bins from (where else?) Target. I used to work at a Aerie, so I like to display my bras nicely in the open.

Half of my shoes live up here. The shelf is the hutch that I took off my desk, its much more useful here. I store seasonal shoes back in the corner.

The rest of my shoes live here. I like to keep what I wear most on the floor, because that’s where my feet always are! Makes sense right? The black tub is a recent purchase from Target and I’m loving it. It is flexible so it gives to the shape of what its holding. My bags are stored there AND it was only $5!  I would like to get a curtain for the days when it doesn’t look this nice and a small black and white rug to glam it up a bit.


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