Pretty Pink Pair

I am on a hunt for flats, pink flats specifically. There have been a number of times when I am dressed and picking out shoes and think to myself I need pink shoes. The thing that baffles me most is how a girl that painted pink stripes in her closet at 16, has more than one pink lamp, is sitting on a pink chair and typing on a pink laptop does not have a pair of pink shoes??? It is time for this to happen. Here are some contestants for my first pair. $70

I like the simplicity of these ones from Aldo, I think Audrey Hepburn would approve of them, so you can’t really go wrong with that. They also look very comfy which is a must for flats. $70

I love the pop of orange of the toe of this flat, also from Aldo. And the bow is so precious.

Dillards $40

These Jessica Simpsons are like the inside out version of the Also pair. These are super casual and would look snazy with a pair of cropped jeans but the elastic worries me, it either provides a perfectly snug fit or seventeen blisters…very tricky.

Dillards $60

These Lucky Brands just might be the perfect pair. Very easy to dress up or down, just as long as the elastic is nice to my twinkle toes.

Dillards $60

These just might be too fruity for me, but that bow makes oh so giddy!! And word on the street is Born shoes are very comfortable.

What do you think? Can I go wrong with any of these? Have you worn pink shoes lately?


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