A Work in Progress

This is not the official tour of my deck, but I have so many exciting things on it I couldn’t wait to share! (And yes, grills and flower pots = excitement)

I’m pretty sure everyone I know has heard me talk about my new grill at least three times in the past week. I used to always depend on my dad, older brother or male neighbors for a delectable grilled treat, but seeing as my dad lives two hours away, my brother in a different state and my neighbor is a large middle aged man who constantly leaves his dirty shoes outside his door, I decided it was time I acted as the independent woman I am and learned to grill for myself! And I must say I’m not bad, I enjoyed a pretty tasty pork burger last night…but this post isn’t about grilling, so I’m moving on.

I just bought those adorable tins Goodwill for $1.98 a piece. One of them still had a a price tag from Hobby Lobby on it for $6, now if that’s not a deal I don’t know what is. I’m going flower shopping this weekend to fill them!

This fountain (hand-me-down from my mom) had cherubs on the back holding a vase that water came out of, as you can image the visual and audio it created had very strong resemblance to…”relieving oneself”. I’d had enough of it so I took it off, now the pump sits in the middle on top of plastic bowl and creates a precious bubbling noise, but as you can see it’s not the most stylish thing in the world. I’ve been searching pinterest for some DIYs.  Check out a few that I like here and here.  I’ve been moving that adorable lantern (Target $5) around my deck and just can’t find a suitable home for it.

These are BY FAR my favorite purchase!! (yes, even better than the grill) Guess where they’re from!!! Yep! Target. They were on sale the other day and I snatched them up(then dropped them in the parking lot shattering one the bulbs, went back inside and they gave me a new set. Thanks Target!) They give my deck a cozy warm glow and I. Love. It.

Hopefully my deck will come together soon and I will post an official tour when all my flowers are in bloom!


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