Bring in a Little Blue

I picked out my bedding (that now dictates the color scheme of my bedroom) when I went home for the summer after freshman year. My parents let me paint the walls of my room a deep blue with just a hint of violet and man, do I miss those walls.

Summer 2010--bedroom at my parent's house

I love black, white, pink and blue together, but I don’t think my landlord would be too keen on me painting the walls, so I’ve been pulling some inspiration from pintereset (what did we do before that existed???)

I love how crisp this is, all the colors pop so well against one another.

This is a super nifty little tool from Sherwin-Williams called Chip It! You can upload a photo and it pulls paint samples from it. Not really applicable for my situation, put a girl can dream. I love this print from etsy.

I like the teal-y-er wall color here.

And again here. Hmm…well I guess it looks like I just really want to paint my wall blue…I need to do some more work to figure out how to achieve some blue without paint….well…back to work I go!


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