Maxi Maxi Maxi

When the maxi trend first hit, I was not on board. I think I have pretty nice legs, so I like to show them off in the summer, I don’t feel the same about my arms, so a maxi dress never made sense for me, but after trying a few on, I’ve decided I need one. I love how flowy and glamorous they are and there are SO MANY to chose from. I have tried at least a dozen on and have yet to buy one, I’m on a budget and just can’t chose.

This Old Navy pick is one of my favs. I tried it on last weekend on a shopping trip with old friends and they said it was too “fancy” for everyday. It reminded them of a bridesmaid dress I wore last summer, they weren’t wrong. Plus is fit awkwardly over my chest, but its so adorable.

This Webster dress, from Target Shops is a new contender. Just tried it on yesterday and I’m a fan. I love the whimsical print, it’s like retirement chic fit for a 20 year-old. (I just watched In Her Shoes, so retirement homes are on my mind) I can’t decide if this would be acceptable to wear to work. If jeans are acceptable is a strapless maxi?

I think this one from Gap might be the winner. I love the tangerine color AND it can be worn as a dress or skirt! The jersey material is comfy and flowy…all I’m looking for in a maxi.


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