Fabric Box DIY

I like having printed baskets and bins to keep odds and ends in, but they can get a bit expensive,especially considering they usually hold  randoms bit of things that have no place(at least in my apt). So when I bought a pair of shoes the other day (for $12 a Target, gah I love that place) I decided to keep the box and make it pretty!

In addition to a shoe box you’ll need material, a hot glue gun and scissors. I used material from the bag my bedspread came in and part of a white sheet I used for pillow covers. (This is the cheapest DIY you’ll ever do. FREE!)

Cut a piece of material large enough to cover the entire surface. Wrapping the fabric around the box is just like wrapping a present, but instead of taping the edges down glue the fabric to the inside of the lid. Repeat with the bottom.

I glued a strip of the printed fabric around the bottom to add a little pizzazz. And there ya go!  Fabric Box for free!




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