Friday Favorites: The little things

I love pretty much everything about decorating, but sometimes I really appreciate the little things that give a house or apartment personality and turn it into a home.

Arrangements on top of tables and shelves can transform them from an old painted hand me down into a cozy little nook. I recently rearranged my bedroom and took these two frames off the wall and leaned them on my bedside table. Clustering them together with a candle, a mini Eiffel tower(My host dad bought it for me in Paris from one of the tacky street fenders, I love it though!) and another framed picture creates a simple and eclectic vibe.

I finally ordered this print a few weeks ago from MadeByGirl and I love it! I think it might be my favorite wall hanging at the moment.

I found these giraffes in my parent’s basement a while back and fell in love. The little giraffe swivels around and they’re a great antique-y bronze color (the color is a little weird in the photo–I’m definitely an amateur photographer) They used to live in my grandmother’s house.

I attached photos from my high school Spanish trip to the front of my fridge. They’re so colorful and much better than a mess of magnets and papers. They make me happy every time I open my fridge.

Plants in blue pots. Love it! The green and blue always look so nice together. I especially love my cracked blue mug. I stole it from the restaurant I used to work at because I loved it so much, so when it broke I was pretty heartbroken (I tend to get attached to things, its irrational, I know) Planting some ivy in it was a perfect solution!

What are your favorite “little things” in  your home?


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