Couch to 5K

Kicking back on my deck after Day 1

After hearing multiple success stories about Couch to 5K from family and friends, I decided to print off the plan. After looking at the plan on my fridge for a month I decided to actually start it!

I completed the first jog/walk Monday and am planning the second one for tonight. I am a considerably active person, I usually work out 2-3 times a week. But I never run, unless I’m being chased. My membership to the rec center at school is not active in the summer because I am not taking classes (which is a bunch of hooey) so I needed something else, plus when I graduate I probably won’t be able to afford a gym membership, so becoming “a runner” sounded like a good idea.

I think if I post about my experience with Couch to 5K it will be easier to stick with it, so look for updates often! I’m thinking about signing up for The Color Run in Des Moines this fall as my first 5K, it looks like a pretty good time!


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