Cookies with a Kick

I’ve been in the baking mood all week, but kept the urge at bay by stuffing my face with fish, kale and other healthy-schmealthy food. So I finally caved tonight and decided it was time to whip out the apron (I didn’t actually wear my apron because it was about 900 degrees in my apartment and I’m too cheap to turn on the air conditioning but that’s beside the point.) I perused pinterest for a while looking for a tasty, adventurous new cookie to try, but turned up empty handed. So I decided to go for trusty old Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies.


As I dug my 1/8 cup measuring cup (which is necessary if you want to properly measure out half of a 3/4 cup*) out of my coffee jar the light bulb went off! Add coffee to the cookies!!

I like to keep instant coffee around for baking, (my sister-in-law makes the most amazing coffee frosting) so I grabbed a single serving pack and dissolved it in about a tablespoon of warm water. Add the coffee and water to the dough at the same time as the eggs and vanilla. I added extra flour to make up for the water.

And Olé! Cookies with a kick! This batch came out a tish under done, but I prefer that to over done, after all ebbing on the side of dough is much better than ebbing on the side of crispy critter. I blame it on my sad, vintage, easy-bake excuse for an oven.

*I made a half batch


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