Week 2

My Couch to 5K work out is coming along just swimmingly. I made the transition in to week without a hitch! I’m a bit nervous about next week because I will be running more than walking. Tonight I had to forgo the third workout of week 2 due to the monsoon like rain here in A-Town, but I plan to get my jog on tomorrow if there isn’t 12 feet of water on the ground. In the meantime…a few of my running related thoughts..

Last weekend I went to visit my parents at the campground and decided to go for a jog on one of the nature trails. Turns out they’re really not meant for running (lots of steep hills with big roots and wobbly bridges all on a 10 inch wide dirt trail.) I felt sorta like Katniss.

The One Where Pheobe Runs on Season 6 of Friends is one my favorite episodes! I thought of it when I was out earlier this week and really wanted to give the Pheobe run a try, but I was on one of the busiest streets, so I decided I should wait.

So scary, but so true.

images via 1/2/3


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