The Elements

I’m in the thick of week four in my Couch to 5K workout and speaking of thick have you been outside today! Holy Mother of all that is hot and humid. The past couple workouts have been quite the adventure. Last Wednesday it started to thunder storm half way through my run (I mean walk/jog). Luckily my ipod survived the down pour, it was looking a little grim for a while though. But thanks to a night spent in a bowl of rice it is up and working again.


Yeah, I took a picture of my shirt when I got back. Seriously. It is really hot. Week Four’s workout is the first week with more jogging than walking and I was pleasantly surprised on Monday that it was very doable! (I think this pretty much every week.) But tonight with a heat index of about 674 degrees I really wanted to take a break in the middle of the last five minutes, but I am proud to say that I powered through. Towards the end I probably could have walked faster than I was jogging, but I was still jogging and that’s what counts! (right?)

Ahh..sweet relief. I always put a bottle of water in the freezer before I leave so it is nice and chilled for me when I get back.


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