Potato Salad

I’m a sucker for seasonal sides. And potato salad is pretty much the mother of all traditional summer sides, so when I had a few girlfriends over last night for a pre-firework dinner I had to whip up a batch! One of my friends is a vegetarian so I set aside a bit before adding the bacon.

who needs full size appliances?

When I cook I usually just throw stuff in, I’m not big on measurements, but  I pretty much followed this recipe. I altered the amounts a bit, using a pound and a half of red potatoes, one small red onion, 4 eggs, 10 slices turkey bacon, a few generous scoops Miracle Whip and salt and pepper.

Chop everything a throw into a large bowl.

I use Miracle Whip, and yes, I realize a lot of people have serious disposition with Miracle Whip, but I don’t.  Along with the red onion it creates a sweet tangy flavor that I love!

Happy Fourth of July!!!


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