Think Pink: Headboard Upcycling

My parents came up to visit a couple weeks ago and brought me  my vanity, which I will share soon and this headboard. Thank goodness my dad forgot to put it out on junk pick up day.

As much as I dig the whole 90’s beach house wicker thing this guy had going on, it’s just not my style.  After a quick coat of spray paint ($3.87 at Lowe’s, that’s my kind of budget) he perked right up. I’m not totally sold on the pink, I wanted something more on the fuchsia side. I’m going to sleep on it (pun intended) for a few weeks, but I might re-paint it black or white.

What I am totally in love with is the curvy diamond-y design, it reminds me of a wrought iron headboard.

What do you think? Should I leave it pink or re-paint?



4 thoughts on “Think Pink: Headboard Upcycling

  1. I agree with hot pink/fuschia…I wouldn’t do white, because your walls are white…and you couuuuld do black? but what about teal/turquoise? Ehhhh? You were just posting about bring pops of blue into your decor… 🙂 OOO or silver?

    • I decided I didn’t want blue in my room because I have so much blue in my living room and bathroom already. I looked at the metallic spray paints and seriously considered one. I also thought about a metallic white so it would look more like wrought iron.

  2. Love it! A couple years ago, I painted my wrought iron headboard this exact shade of pink. I recognize the color. 😉 The great thing about spray paint (and the reason why I’m so addicted) is you can change it so easily! I agree with Theresa on not doing white because it could disappear into the wall. Black would stand out, but color is so much more fun.

    I don’t know if you like the mercury glass look at all, but i can be done by spritzing water on the surface—just so that there are little beads of water all around—and then spray painting looking glass spray paint over top the water beads.

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