20 Minutes

I am kind of excited…can you tell?

Tonight I did the third workout of week 5 in Couch to 5K. It was 20 minutes of jogging with no walking. At all. It was a pretty big jump from the last workout, which was two sets of eight minutes with five minutes of walking in between. And I am so happy to say it wasn’t actually that hard! I really psyched myself out for it. I was really nervous the first few minutes, I mean 20 minutes is a long time when just a mere five weeks ago running for over a minute was a struggle.

I have never run 20 minutes without walking before, well maybe in middle school while running 800’s. Seriously I ran them really slow. Coming in last is character building, it’s where almost all of my character came from. Thank you to all of the people who stood around at cold rainy track meets waiting for me to finish. I really appreciate you not booing me off the track (because that’s what I would probably do, which is why I don’t attend middle school track meets.) But I digress…

Around nine minutes I was really ready for a break, but my good friend Liz, who is a runner and far more fit than I am, (her middle school track career lead to running at state track in high school) told me if I wanted to walk not to. She said I could jog as slow as I wanted but not to walk. And let me tell you it was great advice. After about a minute of jogging really slow (and I mean really slow, I probably could have crawled backwards faster) I felt really refreshed and got my second wind.

The last five minutes were encouraged by a run through a lawn sprinkler, Taylor Swift’s Mean and Beyonce’s Who Run the World (Girls). After 20 minutes I didn’t pass out or have to call a cab to take me the last two blocks back home. Seriously I LOVE THIS WORKOUT!



One thought on “20 Minutes

  1. I felt the same way when I did the 20 minutes straight; I couldn’t imagine doing it at first, but then I did! I am starting week 7 today. It is 25 minutes straight and I admit I am again intimidated 🙂

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