I haven’t blogged in quite a few weeks, but I’m coming back and I’ll try to post more regularly.

First let me explain my hiatus. This blog is something fun for me, so when I run out of ideas or simply don’t feel like blogging, I don’t. I am a journalist and a student so I am constantly writing things that I have to write, I usually enjoy writing them, but it is still an obligation. I don’t want Tulips and Rain to ever feel like an obligation, so when I don’t have anything to say I don’t. But lately I have been craving a little blogging action in my life so look forward to some new stuff from this girl!

I’m sure you’re wondering what I’ve been up to lately…So here’s a few snapshots!

A lovely relaxing weekend at the lake with a few girlfriends from high school

Just couldn’t wait for the frosting

Birthday Drink

Obama came to campus on a very hot day

Making peach crisp

Finding old spices in my mom’s cupboard



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