Bar Update

DSCN7853A few weeks ago I found this tray at Pier 1(on sale!) and it inspired me to give my bar (and by bar I mean hand-me-down microwave stand) a little update. DSCN7856

I’m itching to give it a coat of high gloss black paint, but that may create a rather toxic environment in my 500 square foot apartment so I suppose I’ll have to wait until I can take it out on my deck. (Melt snow, melt!)


This weekend I had a wee-ole time adhering glitter to a handful of items in my apartment for a DIY story I’m writing for the spring issue of Trend. A sparkly gold stripe gives a little life to the mason jar that holds my straws. I gave the tray on the bottom a golden glitter face lift too.

DSCN7859San Pellegrino Limonata just tickles me! The cans are so adorable AND they’re delicious. Fresh lemons and limes really get me going too. A pop of color in my decor and a delicious citrus twist to my cocktail…what more could a girl want?



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