My Kitchen Wish List

x (1)I have a very small kitchen with very little storage, so a lot of “making do” happens when I bake. I use my oven racks as cooling racks and soup cans as rolling pins. I once used a hammer to crush lemon drops for a pie (which actually worked quite well.) But I’m not complaining (well actually I kind of am) I am still able to create some pretty delicious things in there. But imagine what I could do if I had all this stuff!! (yeah, yeah, yeah consumerism whatever.)

8f6ace089195cf5ba56895a0b4ce27cb1. Kitchen Aid MixerEver since I started watching cooking shows as a little kid I’ve been dying for a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. There’s a ridiculous amount of nifty attachment and seriously…cookies would definitely taste better if they were mixed in this baby. And I love this color, Aqua Sky.

DSCN78202.Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch Non-Stick Cooling Rack: See the ramekins my oven rack is propped up on? And how the cookies are precariously placed so they don’t fall through the cracks? Yeah I’ve got talent, no big deal. But oh man, if I had a legit cooling rack…well it would be a lot easier to cool my cookies. And really, put Williams-Sonoma in front of pretty much any product and I’ll think its fantastic.

DOTS-8-Slow-Cookers-in-Kitchen_5003. Bella Dots Slow Cooker: There are about a bajillion (yes, I counted) recipes for delicious things in slow-cooker. There’s nothing worse than your favorite food blog doing 21312 slow-cooker recipes in a row when you don’t have a slow-cooker!  I think everything in kitchens should be colorful, so brightly colored appliances are right up my alley. I tried to pick my favorite color, but I couldn’t they are all so cute! Its a tie between the green, blue, purple and pink. 

DSCN78184. Williams-Sonoma OXO Cookie Scoop: I’m telling you, I want everything from Williams-Sonoma. Yes, you can easily make cookies with just a spoon, but sometimes I want all my cookies to be exactly the same size, so I use measuring spoons (and aren’t these so cute and colorful!) but they don’t have the nifty lever that just pops the dough out. And I do love nifty kitchen gadgets.

818baa0af430880626214a050a7886585. West Elm Dipped Wood Rolling Pin: My cans of cooking spray are usually really messy, with flour and dried bits of dough stuck to the sides–because sometimes I use them to roll things.  I love the subtle pop of color on the handles of these guys AND my PAM can would be clean!


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