Currently Craving: Bright Bags

Currently Craving: Bright Bags | Tulips & Rain

Target / Michael Kors / Kate Spade / Target / Jessica Simpson

Between cashing in Old Navy coupons and scouring the sale racks at Ann Taylor, I like to stroll through the the full price handbag section of swanky (well as swanky as you can get in Des Moines) department stores. I tuck the supple leather handles in the crook of my arm and pose in front of the beveled-edged mirrors fantasizing what it would be like  to drop several hundred dollars on a beautifully constructed handbag. On one of my recent visits with Kate and Michael I decided it was time to start the hunt for a spring handbag–a bright structured bag to be specific–and preferably one that would allow me to also pay my rent.

Jessica Simpson Hadley Satchel | Tulips & Rain

This Jessica Simpson is a serious contender. With several pockets–inside and out–and an adorable polka-dot lining it lives up to my colorful, fun-loving expectations in a spring bag. On sale for $75, its still a bit of a splurge, but doable.
Target | Tulips & RainKate Spade | Tulips & Rain

Now this cool-mint Target satchel (above) is quite similar to my girl Kate(right). And the Target version is about one tenth the price of the Kate Spade, which is something I can certainly get on board with. My one hesitation is that Target bags really only last one season.

Stay tuned on Instagram to see which brightly hued bag finds a home in my closet!


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