Open House: Bedroom

Open House: Bedroom | Tulips & RainNow, I use the term bedroom  here loosely as its actually just one corner of the 375 square foot studio I live in. My dad installed a bookshelf in the middle, it makes a nice barrier so it feels as though I have separate sleeping quarters. Since a headboard is a little out of the question in this tiny little nook the DIY LOVE wall art and black and white Euro pillows serve as a stand in.

Open House: Bedroom | Tulips & RainI can’t quite figure out what to do with the corner. I’ve though about putting a desk there, but I’m not sure how it would work. For now this adorable pink chair sits there along with my yoga mat.

Open House: Bedroom | Tulips & RainIn an effort to add more color to my apartment I revamped my bedding–I used to have all gray and white. I found the sheets and cheeky pillow cases at TJ Maxx. I like the bold–but not too overwhelming–combo of bright colors and graphic prints and this PBTeen throw was the perfect complement to the sheets.


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