Open House: Living Room

Open House: Living Room | Tulips & RainThis little nook is the designated living room “area” of my studio. The bookshelf sections off my bed to create my sleeping quarters.

Open House: Living Room | Tulips & RainI have a love/hate relationship with this slip cover. On the love end it transforms my free, hand-me-down black hole of faux-leather love seat into a lighter, more traditional seat. But on the hate side, I have to “make the couch” every time I get up, straightening, tucking and smoothing. Someday when I move to a home with more than one room I’m going to have delightful, yet overwhelming task of shopping for new couch. 🙂 After tiring of my gallery wall a few weeks ago I decided it was time for a change. I popped into Michael’s and picked up a canvas and some paints to whip up that DIY wall art.

Open House: Living Room | Tulips & RainThis is my reading spot. I’ve had this chair since I was 12 and it’s falling apart in about 17 different ways, but it tucks perfectly in the corner and it’ll break my heart a tiny little bit to throw it away someday. I admired that striped throw at Target for weeks last fall and finally caved when I found it on the Clearance shelf for $5. Score! 

Open House: Living Room | Tulips & RainI keep my coffee table styling pretty minimum. I need lots of room for bottles of nail polish, files, coffee mugs and string cheese wrappers…which is what often graces this adorable gold tray. But I cleaned up just for you guys. 😉

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