Currently Craving: Single Serve Coffee Makers

Currently Craving: Single Serve Coffee Makers | Tulips & RainI need a new coffee maker, well  I want a new coffee maker. I have the same tiny 4-cup coffee maker that I got for my dorm and its starting to wear out. I usually only make a half a pot in my tiny coffee maker, so I think its time I jump on the single serve band wagon.

Currently Craving | Tulips & RainThis Bella version is very compact and comes in fun colors. Its even on sale for $18 at Target! The online reviews are pretty mixed, saying that its cheap and doesn’t last very long. But hey if its less than $20, I can’t complain too much if only lasts a year.

Currently Craving | Tulips & Rain


This Hamilton Beach also has a nice compact design and the stainless steal would match my Kitchen Aid mixer. 🙂

Currently Craving | Tulips & Rain


Ah the Keurig…I’ve resisted them for so long. I just didn’t want to be committed to k-cups for the rest of my life. And they’re rather pricey at $125, but that does comes with a decent warranty. (I’ve heard of Keurig replacing machines after several years if they break.) And they’re just so cute and shiny. And they come in so many bright colors! How to chose??




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