January Faves

Don’t you feel like you’ve really accomplished something when the end of January comes? The longest, bleakest month of the year is already through! I prefer colder weather, but the change and new-ness of spring is still very enticing and the end of January means it is inching closer! But before I get ahead of myself, here’s a few of my faves from the first month of 2014. January Faves | Tulips & Rain

I finally got around to reading Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close and I loved  it! Chick Lit at its finest, Jennifer sings the tune of 20-something single girls perfectly!
January Faves | Tulips & Rain

These colorful macaroons make a pin to pine for!

January Faves | Tulips & Rain

This is perhaps the most adorable DIY I’ve ever seen.

January Faves | Tulips & Rain

I look at lot of home tours. If a blog, link or pin has the phrase home tour in it–I am going to click on it. This one from the Everygirl is fantastic! Kendall Rogers lives in a standard, new-build townhouse and she transformed it into a beautiful and unique home! I adore it, must read for sure!

January Faves | Tulips & Rain

I stumbled upon Katie’s Bliss through Pinterest and it’s quickly become a daily read. And I’ve been drooling over her Tory Burch bag all month.

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