Open House: Closet

Open House: Closet | Tulips & RainWelcome to my small, but very hard-working closet. The built in dresser provides a ton of storage. It also lends a nice amount of surface area of for a few prettier and high traffic items. The ever-versatile black itso cubes hold a whole host of things from workout clothes to spare makeup bags.

Open House: Closet | Tulips & RainA pretty heart hung on the wall makes the space feel more like a dressing room and less like a storage unit. I like to be able to see my favorite pieces of jewelry so I display them with this stand and basket (that has dividers inside.)Open House: Closet | Tulips & RainI love having pretty little details around like the velvet bow around my perfume. I added a little washi tape to my simple organizers to spruce them up.

Open House: Closet | Tulips & RainIf I don’t have my scarves where I can see them I always forget about them. And they add a nice pop of color to my otherwise very neutral wardrobe.

Open House: Closet | Tulips & RainFor me, color coordinating has always been the best way to organize my closet. The shelf above holds off-season clothes in clear tubs, craft supplies in the black bin and handbags in the black tote. (Which I love because its flexible and gives to the shape of its contents.)

Open House: Closet | Tulips & Rain

Most of my shoes live in an over-the-door organizer but boots just don’t agree with that sort of thing, so lately I’ve been storing them on the bottom of the bookshelf that divides my living space.


5 thoughts on “Open House: Closet

  1. Very cute. I love how you organized the space. I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays 😀 Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party

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