February Reading List

February Reading List | Tulips & RainI usually do my research before hand and put books on hold at the library, then just make a quick stop for them. But a few weeks ago I took a  leisurely gander through the new arrivals section and took home a whole stack of shiny, new reads.

February Reading List | Tulips & Rain

All the Summer Girls is a beach read through-and-through (although, it can be enjoyed curled up under a blanket in the middle of February too.) It’s the story of three childhood friends who return to the summer vacation spot of their youth. Its a lovely and relateable look into how trauma, grief and time affect friendship and relationship dynamics. And there’s an unplanned pregnancy! Can’t beat that.

February Reading List | Tulips & RainApparently I was in a beach read mood when I picked these up, because this also ,would be delicious pool-side. The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane is set in Iowa–gotta love that–then moves to Maine when the characters win a house there. It’s a fun, light-hearted read with plenty of personality clashes and romance. And I love how Harms weaves the decant cooking of the main character into the story. According to the disclaimer in the front of the book it’s not based on any real life events, but in 2008 a woman from Solon, IA won an HGTV dream home…coincidence? I think not.

February Reading List | Tulips & Rain

I’ve been seeing bits of buzz about The Aviator’s Wife here and there for a while. I just love a good historical fiction novel with a strong female lead so I figured it wouldn’t disappoint. And with all my chick-lit lately I’m ready for something a tish meatier.

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