ReCreating Healthy Habits

ReCreating Healthy Habits

I’m so excited to introduce a new series–ReCreating Healthy Habits!

I used to be in great shaped and ate a pretty healthy diet without really thinking about it–My freshman 15 was a weighloss! But when I moved off campus I no longer had an endless supply of fresh produce and the gym wasn’t quite so convenient. Then my part-time job went from teaching several dance classes a week to sitting at a desk all day. And on top of all that add my stress-eating tendencies and tumultuous post-grad job hunting and four years later I’ve put those 15 pounds (plus some) back on and picked up some not-so-healthy habits.

So now I’m on a mission–to recreate the healthy habits I used to live by. I know this is going to be no easy feat, so I’ve decided to share my journey with all of you! It will make me more accountable and I’m hoping that a few of you might even join in with me!

Now you may be thinking…

Angela! What about all the tasty treats you love to bake and share?!–

No worries, I’ll still make them. I’m going to cut them out for a few weeks (more on that Monday) but after that I’ll find a way to work them into my diet. I’m a firm believer in everything in moderation and that includes brownies and donuts too. 🙂

What’s the healthiest habit you’ve ever had? Is it still a habit?


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