3 Week Cleanse

3 Week Cleanse | Tulips & Rain

As part of my new series, ReCreating Healthy Habits I’m going to go on a three week cleanse. Now this isn’t a juice cleanse, or cut-out-all-sugar cleanse–this is a customized plan made for me, by me. I’m a planner, anything I can plan–I do! So when I decided to take action to get a few more healthy habits back into my life–I knew it called for a plan. They say that it takes three weeks to break a habit–so three weeks it is.

First off, I knew that I needed some kind of an indulgence. I love raspberries, but don’t have them very often because they tend to be quite a bit more expensive than other produce. But since I won’t be spending on any takeout in the next three weeks (more on that in a sec) that leaves room for plenty of raspberries. And my second indulgence is coffee from coffee shops–I drink my coffee black, so no fat or calories. I usually (try to) limit my coffee purchases to once a week or less, its much more economical to make it at home–but since it’s my cleanse indulgence I’m allowing myself a few more cups. And have you had Smokey Row’s Vermont Maple Nut Crunch Blend?–YUMMO!

My goal is to workout everyday of the cleanse–but I know that is pretty lofty–so my must-do plan is five days. I get tired of doing the same thing, so I’ve got a few things on my list.
1.Yoga–I’ve had this DVD for a while and I’m a fan
2.Walk–with the warmer weather coming, it’s a nice option to get outside. I aim for an hour-long  walk or so.
3.I love this at-home workout–all you need is a pair of sneaks and a yoga mat, plus I can do it while watching Gossip Girl. 🙂
4.Go to the gym–I usually elliptical for 30-35 minutes

And now for the off-limits list. I’ve gotten in the terrible habit of picking up take-out or ordering-in more often than I care to admit, so none of that for the next three weeks. (I am allowed to eat out for social purposes if it comes up.) Pasta is one of the okay-in-moderation things, but sometimes I’m not so good at the moderation, so-off limits. Cookies, cakes and donuts are all no-nos for now–notice I didn’t say baked goods though. I’ve been collecting recipes for high fiber, low fat breakfast cookies and muffins. I’m hoping to share my take on them soon. And lastly, candy. Now that I’ve had my fix of seasonal candy (jelly beans and robins eggs) I’m done. The hard part will be at work–there tends to peanut butter m&m’s around alot. Last week someone actually hand delivered them to my desk.

I’ll be sharing updates along the way! Anyone want to join in with me?


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