Open House: Bookshelves

Open House: Bookshelves | Tulips & Rain When I found out that my only affordable option in the neighborhood I wanted to live in was a studio, I started digging through Pintrest and Apartment Therapy for inspiration. I looked for other studios that were long and L-shaped like mine–and the one element they almost all had in common was a bookshelf acting as a room divider. There’s a reason everyone does this–it really does help create two separate spaces. Plus it adds some much-needed storage and personality to my space. Since there’s not an Ikea nearby, my dad assembled these two shelves from Target, then screwed them together and affixed them to the wall.

Open House: Bookshelves | Tulips & RainI picked up this plant a few weeks ago and I just adore it! When I was at the store I was planning on painting or otherwise revamping the pot, but when I got home I really liked it, so it stayed.

Open House: Bookshelves | Tulips & Rain

I try to keep the top shelves prettier, with more styled elements, while the bottom shelves are harder working.
Open House: Bookshelves | Tulips & Rain

If you’re at Trader Joe’s this spring and don’t pick up a bunch of $1.49 daffodils–you’re just crazy! And since my coffee table really isn’t big enough for coffee table books, they’ve found a home here. (The Goddess Guide, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Lauren Conrad Style)

I’m really not one to collect many trinkets, but I just love this teeny little sombrero–I won it a high school Spanish class competition. Plus a few books from my post high school graduation travels.Open House: Bookshelves | Tulips & Rain

A framed birthday card and set of vintage (and very dusty–clearly didn’t clean before this photo #reallife) giraffes make an easy bookend.

What do you keep on your shelves? Are they styled or simply filled end to end with good reads?


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