Entryway: Updated

Entryway Update | Tulips & RainA few weeks ago I shared my plan to update my entryway. Its a pretty subtle change, but so far I’m loving it! The space is so much more functional now.

Entry Way Update | Tulips & Rai

The biggest change is the second shelf, which doubles my storage and surface space. I’m not quite satisfied with the organization of the shelves yet. The gold chevron boxes are actually empty at the moment.
Entryway Update | Tulips & Rain

I love having plenty of room my bag, keys and mail on top of the shelf. Entryway Update | Tulips & Rain

I ended up going a in a slightly different direction than my inspiration with the wall. I didn’t need a hook since the basket holds my keys so I created a mini gallery wall with this Ikea mirror, this DIY and a pretty photo from  Spain.


One thought on “Entryway: Updated

  1. AH! I love this idea! I totally need to do something like this for our entry way (so we have a place to put our shoes!) THank you for this inspiration!

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