Go Blog Social


Go Blog Social

I have some super exciting news–I’m going to Go Blog Social! A huge thanks to Katalina Girl for the ticket giveaway! I’ve been pining after this conference for months now–I was bursting with excitement on Monday when I found out I had finally scored a ticket! There are so many talented and knowledgeable speakers lined up for the two day event and I can’t wait to make new blogging friends!  Plus the conference is located in Kansas City so I have a wonderful excuse to visit my very dear friend and KC resident, Liz!

After I some of the initial excitement subsided, I started to plan what I need to bring and what the heck I’m going to wear! Now I like to think that I usually look pretty put together–but there are going to be alot of fashion bloggers at this event! And a fashion blogger I am not–so I feel like I need to bring my A-game 😉 The weather is supposed to be pretty nice so I have dresses on the mind! In addition to my wardrobe, here’s what’s at the top of my packing list.

1. I’m going to pull my pretty, yellow Antonio Melani tote out of summer storage. It’s the perfect size for an event like this! Bigger than a standard bag, but not so huge I’ll feel bogged down.

2. Safety flats. The warmer weather is going to require my favorite printed wedges, but you never know when a long stroll might be necessary so I’ll be tucking my new Gap ballet flats in my tote.

3. A notebook and click pen. There’s going to be so much information to absorb so note-taking will be a must! And if leaned anything in college, I learned that if a pen has a cap I will drop and lose it at the most inconvenient moment–I exclusively use click-retractable pens.

4. A scarf is always good to have on hand–cold room? instant blanket, –accidental spill? instant cover-up. And I’ve been lusting over this one forever, it’s about time for a shopping trip to Old Navy.

5. And finally business cards–essential for networking. These ones are on their way (express shipping) to my apartment as we speak!


Are you going to Go Blog Social? What’s on your packing list? –Oh and we should meet! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Go Blog Social

  1. It was great meeting you today at GoBlogSocial! My bad for not being prepared and having biz cards (like ur cute ones) but nice to touch base with you! Enjoyed looking over your blog n hope I catch up to u at tomorrow’s events! Belle

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