My Favorite Binge-Watching TV Shows

Normally I would be posting my monthly reading list right about now, but seeing as I didn’t read a single book this month that wouldn’t be a very interesting post. Now I’m sure you’re wondering how I went an entire 31 days without finishing a single novel–well I discovered Gossip Girl. And watched the entire series in about three weeks. I know–I probably lost a lot of brain cells, but I just couldn’t stop. So I thought it would be appropriate to post my favorite shows to binge-watch this month in place of a reading list.

My Favorite Binge-Watching TV Shows |Tulips & Rain

As I mentioned, I just finished Gossip Girl–and oh, the scandal, drama and scheming in this show had. me. hooked. I watched a few episodes here and there while it was on air but never got fully immersed in the plot. And man was I missing out! Oh and did I mention the fantastic clothes and decor!?!My Favorite Binge-Watching TV Shows |Tulips & Rain

I heart Mad Men!  I’m really not sure what I’m going to do about the upcoming season because I don’t have cable to watch it 😦 But I must say seasons are best enjoyed all in one sitting. I didn’t get into Mad Men until the 5th season or so. I watched the first couple seasons in long sittings so when I started watching on air it was torture waiting a week after the cliff-hanging endings of pretty much every episode.


I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched everysingle episode of Friends. I think I’ve actually worn out one of the disks. My favorite show. Of. All. Time.My Favorite Binge-Watching TV Shows |Tulips & Rain

I watched Grey’s religiously the first couple seasons, but then stopped once I was in college. This summer I caught up on all the season I missed out on and it was awesome. And boy, does this show have some man-candy to enjoy!
My Favorite Binge-Watching TV Shows |Tulips & RainI’m a little ashamed to admit that I’ve watched Weeds from pilot to finale about three times. I still can’t decide if I love Nancy or I hate Nancy…I’m pretty sure I love Nancy.


And the best for last. What self-respecting girl doesn’t binge on Sex and the City now and then? We don’t even need to discuss this one. 🙂

What are your favorite shows to binge-watch?




3 thoughts on “My Favorite Binge-Watching TV Shows

  1. Gossip Girl, Mad Men, and Friends…100% times a million agree! My most recent binge show has been Parks & Rec. They have seasons 1-5 on Netflix, and omg I literally can’t stop watching. Well, I should say I couldn’t stop watching as I finished the last episode of season 5 tonight. But if you don’t watch it already, you should check it out. It is ridiculously funny!

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