3 Week Cleanse: Update {Week 2}

Healthy Habits 3Week 2 of my 3 Week Cleanse wasn’t as successful as week 1–but still far from a failure. I wasn’t feeling very well for most of last week (allergy symptoms) and totally dropped the ball on working out. The most cardio I’ve gotten in the last week was my shopping trip on Saturday. And when I’m sick I crave comfort food–so let’s just say that its a good thing ice cream is not on my off-limits list.

ReCreating Healthy Habits See, I told you it wasn’t a complete failure! I’ve been tracking my weight with the LoseIt! app and this cleanse is doing great things for me. For the first week and half or so I also drank a pitcher of Jillian Micheal’s 7 Day Detox Drink each day, which really helps reduce bloating–which tends occurs when you indulge in Fong’s pizza, beer and cake the day before you start your cleanse. 🙂
ReCreating Healthy HabitsI’m actually pretty impressed with how little I’ve craved baked goods. I’ve passed by the bakery case at Smokey Row several times now without indulging. I have found, though, that I’m really good at bending the rules just far enough that I don’t break them. For instance–I don’t consider Chik-fil-A takeout, its fast food. So therefore, not on my off-limits list. But when I was in need of some nosh while shopping–and seriously craving some ice cream–I ordered a small shake and an order of fried instead of a medium shake and entire meal. I know what you’re thinking–You cannot have Chik-fil-A on a cleanse!!–well its a good thing I make the rules for this cleanse not you.


So far this cleanse has made more mindful of the choices I make. I still indulge in cravings–yes even on a cleanse–but do so in moderation. And just to prove that I am in fact “cleansing” my bod of something I haven’t so much as touched pasta, donuts, cookies or cake in the past two and half weeks. And there’s been no pizza ordered or Chinese taken-out. Oh and no candy for this girl either. 🙂

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