3 Week Cleanse {Recap}

Healthy Habits 3

My 3 week cleanse officially ended on Monday, but since  I was at Go Blog Social all weekend I extended it for a few days. While I certainly indulged a bit more than usual while I was in Kansas City,the only thing I had that was on my off-limits list was cookies. Colors Macaroons was one of the sponsors of the event and they were giving out samples, so I just had to try them! And they were so worth it!

But I passed on the cupcakes at the after party and went for a sandwich instead of decadent mac n’ cheese at the local eatery we stopped for lunch at on Friday. I must say, I’m really proud of myself!

Overall this 3 Week Cleanse was a success. I’m craving less “bad” foods and enjoying fresh, whole foods so much more! And I lost almost 10 pounds. Where I failed was the fitness portion of the cleanse–totally dropped the ball there. I actually haven’t worked out at all in the last week or so. But I’m very excited about my next challenge–an all fitness challenge–that I have in the works. More on that next week.

It was so fun to have Diana from Yellow Mondays join in on my cleanse with me. She did a great job! And even modified and extended her cleanse after the three weeks.



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