Fitness Challenge: 1000 Minutes in 30 Days

Healthy Habits 3

 Since the fitness portion of my 3 Week Cleanse was a total flop (I worked out 5 times–my goal was 15-20 workouts) I decided it was only fitting for the second installment of ReCreating Healthy Habits to be a fitness challenge! The challenge is simple, complete 1000 minutes of fitness in 30 days. That averages to about 33 minutes a day, which is totally doable! I’ll be tracking my progress every day on my Fitness Challenge page and posting updates periodically here too.

And I’m going to try to complete all 1000 minutes without going to the gym.

Angela!? that’s a terrible idea!! 

Now hear me out–Back in the day when I used to religiously frequent the gym, I had access to a huge, state-of-the-art gym with loads of natural light, all the equipment you could ever want and plenty of eye candy to enjoy. yeah I do that… 

The gym I have access to now is decent–but its small and in the basement. And its at work. I enjoy my job and its a wonderful environment to work in, but when I’m done with work I want to leave work, not go hang out in the basement for another hour.

So my plan is yoga and running–I’m going to do Couch to 5K again. Read about my first Couch to 5K experience here.

As always, feel free to join in!



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