Enchilada Pie

Enchilada Pie | Tulips & Ra

I love this enchilada recipe from Skinnytaste! But the last time I made them, I felt like they were just a little sloppy. I didn’t roll them tight enough, and storing the leftover gets a little messy–long skinny enchilada in a square container just doesn’t work that well. So my solution? Enchilada pie! It’s a little less messy to put together and so much easier to dish out and store leftovers! Traditional enchilada will always have a place on my menu–but this is a fun, simple twist on a favorite dish!Enchilada Pie | Tulips & RainFollow the Skinnytaste recipe with a few tweaks. Swap out the sour cream for plain greek yogurt and use pepper jack in stead of Mexican blend cheese. Then when it comes to putting the enchiladas together, forgo the rolling and grab a 9 inch pie pan. Start with the white sauce on the bottom, then layer tortilla, sauce, chicken mixutre–I used 5 tortillas. Then top with the final tortilla, remaining sauce and pepper jack. Bake according to recipe.


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