Open House: My Work Space

My WorkspaceI am so excited to have a work space again! When I moved last summer  I was convinced that I would not need or want a desk post-graduation. I wanted to get rid of the desk altogether, but my mom insisted on keeping it–and I’m so glad she did! (The older I get, the more  I realize my parents are pretty much always right. They’re some wise folks.)  I rearranged my apartment on a whim late last Tuesday night–check back later this week for a full tour–and with the new arrangement I had the perfect spot for my little desk.

My WorkspaceA few of my favorite memories from my travels lean against the wall along with a an inspiring note I picked up at GBS. The green pencil cup used to have a mini orchid in it–it died :(. And I snipped that precious bloom off of a potted plant my mom helped me pick out this weekend.

My WorkspaceThe desk is tucked into such a lovely spot! I didn’t even know my studio had lovely spots until my rearrange. It gets every last ounce of evening light. And its so nice not have cords stretched haphazardly across my floor anymore. 🙂



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