The Studio: Rearranged

Rearranging the Studio

I rearranged my apartment. And guys, seriously, it’s really great. Like maybe even life-changing great! My studio feels so much brighter and more spacious now.
Studio ArrangementsI swung my bookshelf around 90 degrees to sit flat against the wall that my bed used to be on. I rotated by bed too and moved it to the adjacent wall–which gave me plenty of room for a night stand on one side and my little desk in the corner.

The Studio: RearrangedThe rearrange gave me much more “bedroom” space, but took quite a bit of floor space from my “living room.” But that’s ok with me, its so much easier to make my bed–and get in and out of it now! I moved the small white coffee table to the side of the love seat since there’s not a ton of floor space in front. studioMy dining area and entry way arrangements stayed the same. The only change I made was moving the rug from the living area to the dining area. Since my love seat no longer sections off the dining area, the rug provides a nice visual division. DSCN9382And now here’s the awkward spot. I’m pretty sure that no matter how I arrange my studio there will ALWAYS be an awkward corner. It looks like I just slapped this bookshelf here then threw my wrapping paper and yoga mats in the corner–and well, that’s what I did. It needs some work.

I’m working on putting together floor plans of my arrangement and some more studio living tips. Check back soon for those!


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