Studio Life: Arranging Furniture

When I signed the lease for my studio almost a year ago, the first thing I did was rush to Pinterest and Apartment Therapy to start searching for the best way to arrange my furniture. I spent a lot of time piecing together photos of home tours to try to figure out the layout and it was a major score when I found actual floor plans with furniture in them. So I thought it was about time I shared my own.L-shaped Studio Arrangment Above is my current layout. I absolutely love it! I rearranged a few weeks ago my apartment feels less cramped and brighter. I use the rug under my table to designate the dining area and backed my love seat up to the end of my bed to create a little bit of division between the two areas.
L-shaped Studio ArrangmentThis is how I arranged my studio when I first moved in and how it stayed for almost a year. While I’m loving my new arrangement so much more than this one, there’s still some serious pros here. I used my bookshelf to section off the larger portion of my space into a bedroom area and living area. They truly felt like two separate spaces (at least as much as they could without a wall in between).  I liked that I couldn’t see my bed from the dining table and vice-versa. And with my love seat jutting out from the wall, it created a nice barrier between the dining area and living area, which also felt like two separate spaces. But when you only have 375 sq. feet to work with, separate spaces can start to feel small and cramped. I was tired of the acrobatics it took to get my bed made in the morning and I had run into my bookshelf a few too many times. But I think this might be an ideal arrangement if you were sharing a studio with someone (big time props to those who share studios btw, I can’t even imagine), then you could feel like you had a little bit of your own space.

*Floor plans are not exactly to scale



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