DSCN9893I don’t have my own outdoor space, so I just took over the front stoop of my apartment building. (I pulled out my cheapy $9 patio chairs and popped ’em out there. And my mom helped me pick out a few plants a few weeks ago. I stopped by Home Depot to pick up a few more this weekend to fill my remaining pots.

DSCN9896I’m so excited to for them to get all full and bushy–I’ll be sure to share when they do!

DSCN9901These are the ones I planted a few weeks ago, they’re already looking nice and full.


2 thoughts on “Gardening

    • Haha. Part of me was a little concerned my landlord would come throw it all out or something. But so far so good. I ran into one of my neighbors when I was planting the new flowers and she said she really liked it! So I think I’m safe. I put garland around the stairwell at Christmas time too. I’m sure all my neighbors either love me or hate me 🙂

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