Packing Lightly: 3 Day Weekend

lllAsk anyone who has been anywhere with me and they’ll be quick to tell you that I am not one to travel lightly. And I would have wholeheartedly agreed with them–until now! Look at me with my one tiny pink suitcase. #happydance. Okay, full disclaimer it’s much easier to pack lightly during the warmer months–lord knows if I could manage this is December. But hey, its not December so resume #happydance.
2014-05-21Ok, now I know that according to pretty much every pin on pinterest the key to packing lightly is repeating pieces. But the thing about traveling during warmer months to even warmer places is that once a grey tee has been worn for 12 hours its highly unlikely that it’s suitable to be worn again–at least by my standards. (read: sweat, stretch, spills) So the only things repeated here are shoes and the cross body (only pictured once but worn throughout).

Travel Day/Arrive: Jersey dress + knotted tee + flip flops for airport comfort and ease.

Travel Day/ Depart: Cropped leggings + soft tee + cardi for early morning departure.

Day 1: Cuffed skinny jeans + slouchy tee + flip flops for exploring the city.

Day 2: T-shirt dress + scarf + sandals for more exploring.

Going Out: Simple jersey sundress + sandals + bling for drinks

Pool Time: Bikini + coverup + flip flops + shades for a little dip


So here it all is plus toiletries, PJs and unmentionables.  DSCN9962Liquids tucked away in front for safe keeping. DSCN9960And it all fit in one carry-on size suitcase. #happydance.

CLEARLY I don’t have enough stuff packed. I probably need another sweater, and half zip–because I love them–and maybe some flats–just in case. Oh and SLIPPERS FOR THE PLANE.

Hi, My name is Angela and I have a problem.

Happy Travels!


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