May Faves

Ok guys, its officially hot in Iowa. And humid. And it’s only going to get hotter. And more humid. And just when we think it can’t get any hotter it will. And then when we think it can’t possibly be any more sweltering…it will get more humid, so humid that more than 17 seconds outside will cause a thin glistening layer of sweat on every inch of exposed skin. And it’s not even officially summer yet. So longstoryshort–I won’t be going outside until October. So it’s a really good thing there’s all sorts of nifty things floating around the web to entertain me. Here’s a few of my faves!1
This useful hair scarf tutorial.  And the perfect DIY–giant kitchen window, house plants, succulents…oy!

22A brilliant plan to create a wardrobe with just 37 pieces and a bomb illustration of Carrie’s apartment


I’ve been pining after Essie’s Neon Collection and these lemon drop jello shots–Best. Idea. Ever.


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