New Beauty Faves

DSCN0135In the past couple weeks I’ve picked up a few new goodies that I am just loving!

I was on a hunt for a new mascara and was prepared to splurge, so I was pleasantly surprised by this delightful $8 tube! Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes gives my lashes volume and length without getting clumpy–the fine-bristled, bendy brush seriously works wonders.

I just hate putting lotion on. So Vaseline Spray and Go is the. perfect. solution. for me! Continuous spray, no greasy cap–it’s really just like the commercial says. Plus the aloe scent is oh-so-fresh and gentle on my very sensitive skin.

So I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but Bare Minerals is magic. I went into the Jordan Creek Bare Minerals last Friday and the girls working were quick to sit me down and get me started. I enjoyed a lovely little pampering session, while the very knowledgeable girl explained the technique and selected the best shades for me. I got the starter kit which included primer, concealer, foundation, blush, finishing powder and three brushes–at $75 for all of that its almost more of a steal than a splurge (almost).



5 thoughts on “New Beauty Faves

    • I love it! I got the matte lose powder (I think they have 3 or 4 different kinds–they just came out with a liquid too) It gives me a really light even coverage. The girl working there was super helpful. She showed me how to put it on–which is totally different than what I would have done without instruction. If you haven’t gone into the Bare Minerals store (if you got it from ULTA or something) I would highly recommend going in and having them do it for you. There’s also a bunch of steps (primer, concealer, finishing powder) that really make a different. (without their help I would have just gotten the foundation powder). One of my friends has used it before and she said she likes when she’s not breaking out, but when she is its not enough coverage for her. I usually have a few spots that I need to cover and so far it’s been working for that pretty well. Phew that was rather long winded. Maybe I’ll should write a whole post about it 😉

      • Yeah I bought it at the store and the girl showed me there, too. I also bought the primer. I tried it for about 3 days and decided it was a no go. It looked like I rubbed frosting all over my face every time and I did it the way the girl did it on me, too. After about an hour or two the day the girl did it on me, I wasn’t feeling it either. I’m glad it works for you though! It’s definitely a good price for a foundation that’s not from the drug store!

      • Bummer! Makeup can be so hard. I’ve def tried lots of products that people raved about..then they just didn’t work for me (bb cream)

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