An Old Favorite

DSCN0286Almost everyday I immerse myself in new information on the web–most often in the form of Pinterest and  food blogs filled with the most inventive triple-chocolate-nutella-drizzled-secret-ingredient-best-ever-recipes. With all of these new and exciting dishes floating around my noggin it’s easy to lose sight of the recipes that I know and love, the recipes I can make by memory, the recipes that come from my mom, my aunt, my grandma’s recipe box.

DSCN0272I tend to get more gratification from making recipes I’ve made before than I do making new ones. It might have something to do with that fact that I know they will turn out. But there’s something else too. While a beautiful Girl Scout Cookie-inspired cheesecake is sure wow your friends with its rich, decadent deliciousness, a 40-year-old cookie recipe from your grandma’s collection feeds the soul. There’s something special about going through the same motions, mixing together the same ingredients that your mom did when you were a kid and your grandma did years before you were born.   DSCN0281Now, by no means am I abandoning the 779 recipes I have pinned to my Yummies I must try Pinterest board. I will always love trying new recipes and experimenting with creative ideas, and I encourage you all to do the same. Afterall if everyone always just made the same dessert their mom made we’d still be eating snow candies. But next time you’re craving a little treat call your mom or your best friend and ask for one her old favorites.

Recipe for Lemon Cake Mix Cookies



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